A Dynasty based on Leadership Duplication. Our foundation is the Personal Growth and Upliftment of all people. Our mission... Financial Empowerment through Financial Literacy.

  -Clavon Damu Browning-

  • Intentional Mentor  
  • Author & Public Speaker  
  • Certified Health Consultant  
  • Marketing, Branding & Sales Coach  
  • 15 Years Experience in MLM: built & trained sales teams In multiple countries  

My Specialty: 

Mindset Training, Leadership Development & Designing Breakthrough Strategies

Live Webinar: 6 Secrets of The Healthy Professional Woman

Putting Health First, For the Health Of It!

  • Renew your mind and transform your body 
  • Conquer feeling overwhelmed and stressed out 
  • Increase your business, and attract more prosperity
  • Wake up everyday feeling reborn! Full of confidence, clarity, and inspiration

If you’re experiencing feelings of being emotionally overwelmed and stressed out. Unable to transform your body and mind in the way you desire! Ready to increase your career and business, while gaining more confidence, clarity and inspiration, then this mentorship program is for you. Save your seat now!

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Mentorship Program:

7 week Journey for Breakthrough, Transformation & Power!  

•Take off the Mask  

•Unshackle Yourself  

•Reverse Insanity  

•Be a Mental Surgeon  

•Follow Scripture  

•Financial Literacy  

•Invest in You  

Learn the First Dynasty Formula for Healthy Life Function;  

1. Ability To Create  

2. Meditation  

3. Affirmations  

4. Visualization  

5. Power of Gratitude  

6. Whole Food Diet  

7. Daily Exercise  

Boss Lady: Sick & Tired 

Take Off The Mask


If your desire is to take a journey to the land of total Health and Wellness, your in the right place. Join our FREE Support Group. Comprised of other women just like yourself who had a desire to de-mask and take control of their lives through healing their minds and bodies. Click the Facebook Icon to Join!